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Hi, I’m Amanda DuBois, Seattle Family Law Attorney, and I made this web site so I could give you free divorce information to help you prepare for what is certainly one of the most emotional and trying experiences anyone will ever go through. I have been a family law and divorce attorney for 20 years and am sharing my knowledge and experience with you in the hope it will help you navigate your divorce with strength and confidence, for you and your family.

I am sure you will find my site has everything you’ll need to understand the divorce process.

You have many choices on my site. You can watch my videos or read my blog with helpful articles about all kinds of divorce issues. You can also download my free Divorganizer. This is the same handout I give to my clients – a place where you can gather and keep all things pertinent for your divorce: banking and financial records, children’s records, property records, etc. It’s designed for you to use with your divorce attorney. If you use it, you will probably save lots of money on attorneys fees.

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I call my video series Divorganize. You’ll understand once you go through them. Just scroll down for the Divorganize Table of Contents. You can watch them all in order, or you can choose the ones that are meaningful to you.


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Divorganize Part 1
Introduction to Divorganize

This video outlines how the Divorganize video series works to save you money, time and emotional upheaval. In this video you will meet me, learn about my divorce philosophy, and discover ways to journey through your divorce with grace and strength.

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Divorganize Part 2
The Top 10 Mistakes
Women Make Heading Into Divorce

Many women have the same instinctual panic reaction when they begin their divorce. And in this type of heightened emotional state, it’s nearly impossible to make well-thought-out decisions. In this video, I’ll share the secret to avoiding fatal divorce mistakes. Then you’ll discover a calm and effective way to mentally approach your divorce. This is a must-see video if you are just beginning the divorce process.

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Divorganize Part 3
Gather Your Divorce Team
Why It’s Critical To Your Success

In this video I’ll let you in on a little secret: how you can figure out which friends and family members you should trust. I call this your Divorce Team. This team may very well become your emotional lifesaver. I will guide you through setting up your Team then show you how to effectively use your Team. And most importantly, I will show you how to avoid having your words come back to haunt you as your divorce progresses.

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Divorganize Part 4
Create Your Divorce Vision
How to Get Results From Your Divorce

Most women in the divorce process feel like their future is clouded by uncertainty. In this video, I’ll show you how to create a vision for your life that will serve as a compass throughout the entire process. You will discover that there is life after divorce, and you deserve to have the life you want! This is a must-see video for anyone who is searching for clarity and wants to create a clear picture of life after divorce.

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Divorganize Part 5
What To Do If You’ve Just Been Served

There is probably nothing scarier or more disorienting than being served with divorce papers. Your heart races. You go cold. You may even get a little dizzy and short of breath. Then it occurs to you: you need information and you need it now! But you can’t calm yourself enough to think clearly. I will walk you through the next steps in a calm and straightforward manner. After watching this video a couple of times, you will have the determination and information you need to get ahead of the divorce game early and be smart about it.

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Divorganize Part 6
You’re Planning to Leave
What You Need to Do

If you are thinking of filing, leaving or moving, don’t do anything until you see this video first! I will share with you exactly what you need to do to protect yourself, your children, and your financial future before you commit to one of the most important decisions of your life.

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Divorganize Part 7
Create Your Divorce Spreadsheet
Before You Divide the Property

Having a complete understanding of your finances is critical to getting a good divorce settlement for you and your children. In this video I’ll show you how to create a clear picture of your money situation. I’ll help you identify your assets and your debts. You’ll even discover some assets you may not have considered. Once you have a grip on your assets, you’ll learn how to make smart decisions for your financial future.

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Divorganize Part 8
The Process of Your Divorce
Exactly How Does the Legal Process Work?

One of the most confusing things about divorce is the legal process itself– summons, pleadings, interrogatories, – what’s it all mean? In this video I explain, in a clear and easy-to-understand way, the divorce process itself. You will discover what to expect, how the process goes, and how attorneys move their clients through the process. This video is your road map for your divorce.

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Divorganize Part 9
Child Custody
Doing What’s Best for You and Your Children

Paying close attention to the needs of your children during your divorce is critical to a successful divorce. In this video, you’ll discover the tricks to presenting yourself to the court in a positive light in a custody case. You’ll also discover what factors the court will look to in deciding where the children will live and what the residential schedule will be. I’ll also explain in detail how taking care of your children can lead to sustained emotional health for your entire family before, during and after your divorce.

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Divorganize Part 10
Divorce Discovery
The Legal Information Gathering Process

Authentic, detailed information about finances and children is the backbone of a successful divorce. In this video I’ll walk you through the divorce information-gathering process. Discover the legal terms, what you can and can’t ignore, how to cope with your husband’s demands for information, and why the divorce discovery process is essential to your divorce strategy.

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Divorganize Part 11
Your Alimony
Also Known as Maintenance

Will you or your husband need financial help during or after the divorce? In this video I provide a definition and overview of alimony, and give you the information you need to find out how the courts in your state view alimony. I’ll help you find the information you’ll need to make your best case for an alimony award, or if you are the bigger wage earner, how to minimize your exposure to a big alimony obligation. If you and your husband earn significantly different wages, this is the video for you!

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Divorganize Part 12
What You Need to Know

Out of court settlements are almost always best. You need to approach mediation seriously and with a strong strategic plan. Remember, you only get one chance at a fair divorce settlement. You must do everything you can to maximize your financial award and your custody plan. In this video, you’ll discover how to approach the settlement process, save money, keep your divorce proceedings private, and get a divorce outcome that you can live with. This video could easily save you thousands of dollars in legal fees, and the heartache of a messy trial.

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Divorganize Part 13
Temporary Orders
Who Lives Where and Who Pays While Your Divorce is Pending?

What happens between the time you file for divorce and the day the final divorce order is entered in court? Who lives in the family home? Who pays the bills? Where do the children live? After watching this video, you’ll know how to take charge of your divorce process so that you’ll have financial security and a workable custody plan that will take you through the period before your divorce is finalized.

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Divorganize Part 14
You’re Heading to Trial
What You Need to Know

Sometimes going to court is an unavoidable part of the divorce process. In this video I’ll reveal secret trial strategies that I’ve used successfully during 20 years of trial practice. If you end up in trial, you want to walk into the courtroom well armed with a solid strategy and a winning attitude!

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Divorganize Part 15
After Your Divorce
Important Issues

So you’ve gotten a divorce. Now what? Now you need to attend to and understand important details including: how to interpret the final court orders, parenting and custody plans, alimony agreements, and how to properly handle your divorce award.

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Divorganize Part 16
Typical Questions About Divorce
Versus the Real Questions Every Women Should Ask

Okay, you are getting a divorce. It’s time to take the focus off your ex-spouse and place it where it belongs – on you and your future. In this video, you will discover what questions you need to be asking yourself in order to make it through this crazy process. And starting right now, you need to ask the right questions. Good results in your divorce is depend on asking yourself good questions. It’s just that simple.

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